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Web hosting companies come in all different shapes and sizes. There are various hosting options available to consumers. Finding the options that best meet your needs can seem to be a difficult task. But it does not have to be. By having a little more knowledge about the types of web hosting available, you can make a more informed decision.

Most websites can be placed in three main categories: Personal/Small Business, Informative and Ecommerce Websites. Your web hosting needs can vary depending up on which type of website you need hosted. The majority of personal and even small business websites do not require a lot of bandwidth or disk space. For these websites you may want to use virtual hosting. If your website is just for fun, you may also want to consider free hosting. Ecommerce websites can be much more complex. These sites will usually use more bandwidth because they will have an increased amount of traffic. The largest websites are usually the informative type. For these websites it is often best to use Co-Location or Dedicated Server Hosting.

Free web hosting provides you space in a larger site. Usually in exchange for hosting services, you will have to agree to allow advertisements on your website. In most cases, free hosting providers do not offer extensive options and features. Technical support is often not very prompt to respond because you are not paying for service.

When you “rent” space on a server, this is virtual hosting. Your website will be hosted on a server with many other sties. This method of web hosting is cost effective while still offering many features. Virtual hosting products are typically very dependable and offer reliable servers. However, you select a web host with poor server quality, you may find that your website is down or that you experience other technical difficulties much more than you would like. This is the rarity though as most virtual hosting providers are top quality and highly reliable.

Another web hosting option, is co-location hosting. You will have your own server equipment that is in a secure location. With co-location hosting, you can have control over the reliability of your hosting server and your website speed. This method of web hosting is very costly. You will be paying for your own server as well as technicians to manage your hosting equipment.

Dedicated hosting is yet another web hosting option. With this type of hosting you will have your own server. This is an excellent option for large business websites that need a lot of space and bandwidth. Because only your website is on the server, the connections will be fast. Dedicated hosting is also an expensive option. However, if you can afford this hosting, it may be well worth the money.

There are many hosting options available to consumers. Consider how much disk space and bandwidth, as well as what other features your need to host your website. For business websites with high levels of traffic, that use a lot of disk space, you may want to consider dedicated server or co-location server hosting. How much money you have available to spend on web hosting can affect your decisions.

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