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If you are new to the “world of hosting,” you may feel intimidated. The task of finding a reliable, affordable host to meet your hosting needs may seem overwhelming. Using a web-hosting directory can help you with your search.

By visiting web-hosting directories, you can gather information about various web hosts. Many of them are organized so that you can enter specific criteria and a list of hosts matching your criteria will be generated. There will be a list of hosts with information about their hosting plans and how much they cost. You can view information about the features and applications offered with each hosting plan. The amount of disk space and bandwidth offered will also be displayed.

Many hosting directories also include a hosts rating. Here is where you need to be a little cautious. There are some hosting directories where hosting companies pay money to list their website or place a banner ad on the directory. Other directories receive a commission from hosting companies if a customer signs up for a plan by using the hosting directory. However, there are also web-hosting directories where hosts can list their information without paying any fees. They are not sponsoring the directory and the directory is not benefiting in any way if customers sign up for service with one of the listed host. Therefore, any ratings on the host are likely to be reliable. Two examples of free hosting directories are www.hostbyte.com and www.askwebhosting.com.

When evaluating host rankings on a hosting directory, take into consideration who has evaluated the hosting provider. When the ratings are based upon customer votes, they are most likely to be accurate and true. Former customers are likely to be fair in their rating of hosting providers. If they had an excellent experience they should be happy to share this with others. On the other hand, if customers had a poor experience, they will want to warn others. Be fair when looking over customer reviews. If most people rate a host positively and one person does not, they may have just had a bad experience for some reason and that does not necessarily reflect that the host is a poor one.

Web hosting directories can provide a helpful resource for those who are searching for a good web host. This should be used in combination with others. For example, you may want to search a web-hosting directory according to your requirements. You can then find some hosts that offer what you need and compare their plans and prices. Write a list of a few hosts that you would like to evaluate further.

After visiting the directory and compiling a list of potential host, you can take a few more steps before making a final decision. You may want to visit a web hosting or webmaster forum to look for more feed back on the hosts. One forum where you may gain useful input is www.webhostingtalk.com. Then, you will be able to narrow your list down even more.

Take your final two or there web hosts and visit their websites. You can learn a lot about a company by visiting their website. Look to see if the site is well organized and professional. It should be easy for you to navigate the site and locate the information you need. Make sure that it is easy to find contact information for the company. Is it easy to access customer support? You may even want to consider asking a presales question. You can email them or call if they have a toll free number. Evaluate how quickly and efficiently they respond to your inquiries. The important thing is to take your time and shop around when searching for a host.

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