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Searching for a host for your web can feel like an overwhelming task. There are so many hosting providers to choose from. Various hosting packages and prices are available with a wide variety of features. This article will answer some common hosting questions to help you better understand the web hosting industry so that your search for a web host, can be a little less overwhelming.

Question: What is web hosting?

Answer: A company that provides you with web server space for your website, is called a web host. The files for your website will be stored on the server. Anytime someone enters your website address into their web browser, the host will display your website for the viewer to see.

Question: I have seen free web hosting services being offered on the Internet, is this a good way to host my website?

Answer: If you have an Ecommerce site, you should never host your website with a free web host provider. In man cases free web hosting services are not reliable. The hosting provider does not earn money by hosting your site. Therefore, they are not often quick to respond when there are technical issues or other customer concerns.

The way that most free host providers earn revenue is through advertisements. Your website will have pop-up or banner ads placed on your web pages. The website will not look professional with these ads. Again if you have a business website, it is especially important that you not even consider a free host.

Question: What should I be looking for in order to find a good host?

Answer: When shopping for web hosting services, you have a great deal of options and choices. The task of finding a good host can seem very confusing and difficult. It does not have to be though if you keep a few simple points in mind.

It is essential that your web host offer fast connections. This is essentially important if you are looking to host a business website. You do not want your customers and potential clients to have to wait a long time for your pages to load. This could deter them from looking through your website and that could equal lost sales for you. The host should also utilize a back-up system in the even that a power outage would ever occur.

Some web hosting companies require you to sign a long-term contract. If this is the case you may want to reconsider signing up with this host. You do not want to be locked into a long-term commitment because you may find their services do not work for you. You also do not want to risk losing fees if you need to break the contract. Many web hosting companies no longer charge set-up fees, so you should be able to find a good host that does not.

A good web host will provide excellent customer support. Take your time to test a companies support before making a final decision. Send an email or call the company and ask some presales questions. Evaluate the promptness and quality of the answers they provide.

There are no many web hosts who offer 24/7 technical support. This is an excellent benefit knowing that any time of night or day, you can reach technical support if you have a problem. Look for a web host offering a 99% or more uptime guarantee. Many now offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee. It is important that you can rest assured that your website will seldom if ever be down. This is especially critical if you are running a business website. Downtime can equal lost customers and sales.

Question: Do I need to pay a lot of money for a good web host?

Answer: There are an abundance of web hosting providers available. This has made the market very competitive. Most web hosts offer affordable hosting packages while still providing feature rich packages and reliable services. Take your time to shop around and compare prices and features of web hosting packages. You will be able to find affordable, reliable and high quality web hosting services.

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