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Here you are, you have your domain name purchased and your website designed. Now how to you make your website available on the Internet? To make your website and domain name available on the web, you will need domain hosting. You will be able to upload files for your website so that they can be viewed by anyone on the Internet when they type in your domain name. When you have your domain name and website hosted, you can send and receive email using the domain name.

Let us look at an example. Steve has decided to create a website that will sell baseball cards. He would like to call the site: Steve’s Baseball Cards so he visits a domain registrar. Some web-hosting providers allow you to register domains through them, other times you will purchase the domain name from somewhere else. Steve discovers that is available. He purchases the domain and designs his website. Now he needs domain hosting. Steve selects a hosting package with a web-hosting provider. Now whenever anyone types: into their browser, they can view his website. Steve can also set up an email account so customers can email him at: He is ready to open his website for business.

More about domain hosting companies

Domain hosting companies have servers where your website will be hosted, making it available to anyone with an Internet connection and web browser. There are thousands of hosting companies offering a variety of hosting packages.

Take your time to visit several web hosting company sites. Compare the packages and their prices. There are many features and applications that web hosting providers can offer. Some will provide you with more features for your money than others. You can save money by comparison shopping. Also make sure you do not pay additional money for features you do not need. The amount of disk space and bandwidth can also vary greatly from one company to another.

A domain host will be responsible for keeping your website online. Many hosting companies offer 99.9% uptime guarantees. Occasionally, your website will be done for a brief period of time or if the company is performing updates. However, you do not want this to occur too often or for two long. If you have a business website, downtime can mean lost customers and lost sales.

Unless you have an unmanaged, dedicated serer, your hosting provider will be responsible for maintaining, managing and repairing the servers and all hardware and software related to your hosting services. Nearly all domain hosts have backup power sources. This is important because if for some reason power would go out, your website could be put back online. Many of the backup power resources will start the servers back up on their own. This will help to minimize downtime if there ever is a power outage. Many of the web-hosting providers have security features in place to protect your data and the web servers.

Take your time to search for a reputable and affordable web-hosting provider. You want a web host that will work hard to meet all your hosting needs. They should make it a priority to keep your website and domain name available as close to 24/7/365 as possible. Select a good host so that you can concentrate on your business and not on your hosting solutions.

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