Dedicated Server Hosting

Is your search for the right web hosting solutions for your website driving you crazy? Do you own a business website that seems to require more features, bandwidth and disk space then the shared hosting plans offer? You may want to consider dedicated web hosting services. Instead of sharing a server with several other websites, your website can be hosted by itself on a server.

There are two types of dedicated hosting: unmanaged and managed dedicated server hosting. If you select unmanaged hosting, you will be in charge of monitoring and maintaining the server on your own. Therefore, you will need the technical know how or you will need to hire staff that does in order to keep everything running smoothly. This can be a frustrating choice if you do not have a skilled technical team to manage the servers and equipment. However, managed dedicated server hosting is also available. In most cases your host will monitor and maintain the hosting equipment for you. This option is usually more expensive because your host is also taking care of the technical aspects of hosting your site or sites for you.

No matter what type of dedicated hosting solutions you select, you will have control over your hosting experience. You can select the operating system that will work the best for your website and its functions. Also, utilize the software that will best meet your needs. When you pay for dedicated web hosting, you can often get customized features and software for your hosting needs. You can also utilize the features you need for your website. For those businesses and organizations that have complex hosting needs, dedicated servers are an excellent choice. You have the flexibility to maintain large databases, large quantities of multimedia, a variety of Ecommerce features and so much more.

Dedicated servers are an excellent option for websites that will have extremely large volumes of traffic and/or that will require an exceptionally large amount of disk space. For example, your website may be an online store offering as many products as a retail store in a local mall. There will be many customers, applications and transactions on this website. Shared hosting, just may not be enough. Many websites for a particular company or organization can be hosted on one server. You will not need to share the server with websites for other individuals and businesses

Dedicated web hosting is more expensive than shared web hosting. However, if you have the need for your own server and you have the budge to pay for dedicated hosting, it may be the way to go. If you have a large website, that is highly active and very busy, a dedicated server will provide you with the disk space and bandwidth you need. You will have administrative control over the web hosting of your site. Use the software, applications and other features that your website needs. If you can afford managed dedicated hosting, this is also an excellent option. You will not need to maintain or manage the server in this case. That will give you time to concentrate on your business and not the technical aspects of hosting.

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